About Us

Who we are

Sada Foundation for Building and Development (SFBD) is a non-government independent voluntary, non-profit, development foundation that seeks to provide service and development projects and programs,


as well as initiatives in Yemen and contributes to raising community awareness through programs in various fields. SFBD was established in May 2017 to develop institutional work according to a distinct vision based on the constant entitlement in the field of capacity building and activating it within the administrative structures. Additionally, it was established to exchange experiences for elevating the development, service, and humanitarian work and upgrading the status of communities to a decent and civilized status.


Leadership in Humanitarian Work and Community Development


To contribute in empowering affected communities and strengthening their role during emergencies and crises by conducting and implementing effective development programs with a sustainable impact that contributes to reducing poverty and promoting self-sufficiency at the individual, family, and community levels.

General Aim

The general aim of SFBD is to exert efforts and obtain advocacy in order to strengthen cooperation and joint business with donors as well as international and local foundations in order to protect the lives of people affected during disasters and humanitarian crises, and to enhance the role of local communities in terms of alleviating and reducing poverty, and ensuring to live in dignity in the short and long term.